Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tantillus instructions

I have done my best to get the instructions for Tantillus up to a point where most of you will be able to complete your builds. If you find anything that does not make sense or you feel there should be a specific picture please let me know. Knowing the machine as well as I do I have a hard time knowing which parts need better explaining. I will be adding more videos and tutorials in the coming weeks. Build Guide

A few notes to supporters of the Indiegogo campaign.

1) All the hardware and complete kits include two Bowden tubes. One is 1/4" x 1/8" which has an inside diameter of 3.06mm. The other is 1/4" x 3/16" which has an inside diameter of 4.7mm. Although the 3.06mm i.d. tubing is the proper tubing for the machine it can be too small for Chinese made filament which is 3mm +/- 0.1mm. If you plan on using high end filament that measures 2.8 or 2.9 +/- 0.1mm you should use the 3.06mm i.d. tubing as it allows you to change filament on the fly by inserting one piece after another. If you are using cheaper filament that has the possibility to go over 3mm use the 4.7mm i.d. tubing and be aware that you can not change filament on the fly because they try and pass each other in the tube and cause a jam.

2) I've included extra of the smaller size nuts as I know how easy it is to lose them.

3) I some how forgot to include two size Allen keys required to assemble the deluxe complete kits, 7/64" and 3/32" . I am more than willing to send these to everyone that ordered but I am not sure any of you will want to wait. Please let me know what you would like me to do. The 7/64" is for the carriage assembly which can be tightened via the nuts and the extruder idler which can also be tightened via the nuts and only needs to be hand tight. The 3/32" is for the LCD, Arduino and Z-coupler and is requied to tighten the Z-coupler.

4) If you have not been contacted about shipping or pick up or you are waiting for a response that just never seems to come please contact me. There are a couple of you that I have tried contacting on multiple occasions and have not gotten a response. This is most likely due to a spam filter. For guaranteed contact you can use the RepRap forums mail system as it is does not filter the content.

5) If you ordered a Hardware kit for the fully printed case you will find that it is missing the bolts that hold the corners together. They are also missing the washers used to adjust the force of the upper stiffeners. It is 8 nuts and bolts and 16 washers that are missing. If you are willing to wait I am more than willing to send them to you. If you are in a hurry to assemble your machine it will most likely be easier to get them locally. Please let me know what you would like me to do.

I would like to thank everyone that contributed to the Indiegogo campaign for their patience and understanding. This has been a real learning experience and far more work than I could have ever anticipated. After filling almost 2000 bags and 150 boxes with parts and soldering almost 700 connections I have finally reached the end and all of you get to enjoy your new printer. I will be away from the 16th until the 22nd and will have limited internet access to give support. Please bare with me during this time and I will do my best to help everyone as quickly as possible.