Friday, April 15, 2011

First Prints

Finally got my printer up and running and starting printing using ReplicatorG and Teacup on an Arduino 1280 with Ramps. ReplicatorG crashes mid way through a lot of builds still, just need to find the culprit for the lock ups and we will have a good working tool chain. I will post soon with a complete profile and instructions to get repG and teacup communicating.


  1. Great work! The proof that Teacup and presumably 5D work. Build quality looks great too!
    What slicer do you use and can you post settings for the slicer?
    I just finished m physical setup with self-made Arduino (Seeeduino Mega) 1280 electronics using pololus for all 4 axis and could certainly use a few pointers for slicing.
    Teacup seems to work- I can control all axis, now all I need to do is extrude some plastic!



  2. Hi Stefan
    I have written a getting started guide for teacup using ReplicatorG/Skeinforge and it is available
    It includes my replicatorG profiles and Teacup config files.

    There is also a thread on the RepRap forum.,71989