Friday, October 22, 2010

In the beginning there was nothing and man said let there be stuff.

I've started this blog to cover the progress of my Rep-Strap Huxley/Mendel. I will also be covering my 3D modelling experiences with blender and other inventions and fun stuff. My Huxley is built from wood and polyester resin using the mini Mendel/Huxley design but only 20% smaller then a Mendel. I've utilised three nema 17 1.8 degree stepper motors salvaged from dot matrix printers as well as the chrome plated guides and bushings. At the time of this posting it is in need of a thermistor, end stops, and testing.


  1. Interesting. Looks like mostly plywood. What plans did you use or did you make it up as you went. I was thinking about making a Huxley but the extruder looks like it has issues with blobbing. What's you experience with it? I like the smaller size of the hux since my current attempt at a repstrap is hugh (250x250x145mm) and takes way too much space. What's the green build plate made from?

  2. Stupid Blogger erased my long reply.

    Its made from layers of 5/32" plywood I found in a scrape pile outside of a warehouse. The green sheet is just acrylic I used for my bed and allows me to level it via the screws. I then clamp a piece of glass w/blue tape on it as my build surface. The blobs are caused by the slicing process (host software) and the firmware not being calibrated, not the machine itself. I ended up with a build area of 140mm x 180mm x 140mm which has a volume 3.528 times that of a makerbot. I have a basic 2D cut plan for it that I created using the original Huxley STL's. I will try and post them on thingiverse with instructions. If your would like them sooner just PM me and I can email them to you.

    P.s. have you thought about a clonedel?