Monday, October 25, 2010

Micro printable crossbow animation

I decided to enter Thingiverse's rubber band contest today so I designed this crossbow. It has lots of overhangs, nothing under 45 degrees so they should all print.

I have now been learning Blender and 3D modelling for 30 days and have created five projects so far.All are posted on Thingiverse after doing 2 tutorials from and 1 from and a bit of reading. My impressions of Blender are positive but it is not all that intuitive, I do have the advantage of not being trained in any other 3D programs and do not have to relearn what seem like odd short cuts. I have had a lot oh no moments, when I've pressed a key while the mouse was over a different panel making it a different function and not knowing what I had done, but all and all as long as you save after doing anything right you can model anything. The hardest part right now with Blender 2.54 is the face normals being inside out, then the recalculate doesn't correct them properly, so I have to correct them manually.

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