Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Better late than never.

I would like to start off by apologizing for the lack of updates over the past 2 months. I was planning on being at this point a long time ago. But as with most projects there have been hurdles to overcome.

To be able to spend the amount of time I would like in the development of RepRap related designs and stuff to be printed I have decided to open a store to sell Tantillus parts, kits and machines. To kick things off I've decided to go with an Indiegogo flexible funding campaign with perks from $15 to $2000.

On to the update......

 Introducing the Laser cut acrylic edition of Tantillus. It uses the exact same axis parts and electronics as the fully printed version. The hardware requirements are less than that of the Printed version as the Laser cut case does not require any bolts to assemble. It measures 10mm wider and deeper than the printed version while standing the same height. It has additional cutouts for a 16 x 2 LCD, rotary encoder and barrel connector for the power. It has mounting holes for Arduino mega based electronics (RAMPS) as well as Sanguinololu.
After building a few wooden machines cnc'd by Derek at ArmyOfEvilRobots and making hundreds of small revisions to make assembly easier and reduce vitamins I was finally ready to have the first Acrylic case cut. This is the version available through the Indiegogo campaign and being released to the community.

In addition to designing, building and testing I have also been busy building a dedicated website for Tantillus with what is (will be) the best documented instructions in the RepRap community. I have also created a custom branch of Marlin just for Tantillus with many special features like: Automatic fan control, LCD backlight control, Better support for 16 x 2 LCD, "Easy load" for loading and unloading the filament on bowden cable machines from the LCD as well as many other features.

I have decided to release the files under the GPLv3 in the true spirit of opensource and the RepRap project. To do so I have created a Github repo for Tantillus and uploaded the printable case files for those of you who would like to get a head start on printing the case. The rest of the files will be released (including source files) the day the Indiegogo campaign ends.

For the rest of the details please see the Indiegogo campaign and

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