Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tantillus quality

I have been working hard to create profiles for slic3r that allow you to print almost any object at high resolution with ease. This means setting up reasonable speeds to allow almost any geometry to print successfully without the intervention of the user to tweak settings based on the model. This includes sane retract lengths and speeds to allow small parts to print without lumps or ooze which was not always easy with a bowden cable type machine. This issue is far less of an issue today as it was 1 year ago due to the developments in hotend design and software (firmware and slicing). The J-head hotend used on Tantillus requires a lot of pressure to extrude which allows us to use retract to simply lower the pressure enough that it is below the pressure required to print but still high enough that we do not have lag when we begin to print again after retraction. The first few profiles are almost complete and will be posted soon but I thought I would share with you some of the results.

All of the following were printed at 100 micron layers (default 150) and have had no post processing.

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